Southwest Airlines Traveling With Infant

Southwest Airlines traveling with infant

Southwest Airlines is one of the most trustworthy and pocket-friendly airlines. Though it is commonly known for its low fares and excellent in-flight services, it is also very kids friendly. One of the best options to travel with infants or kids is with Southwest Airlines. And if you are still wondering about the terms and conditions for Southwest Airlines traveling with infant then stay connected to learn more. 

Southwest Airlines recognizes two travel methods for traveling with infants. You may either choose to travel with an infant in a lap or a seat. Either of the options is available with certain terms and conditions. And if you have any more queries regarding the same, you may reach out to customer service for support.

How to Make Reservations for southwest airlines traveling with Infant?

Travelling is always said to be a happy place for many and a passion for many. But, when the travel includes a baby it becomes more tensed. And to help to travel easy and worry-free, Southwest Airlines is always ready to serve you. You may book tickets to any destination and travel hassle-free and with ease. However, Southwest offers two methods of traveling and they differ in reservations process-

  • Traveling with In Lap Infant

In lap, infants do not require any previous information or reservations. So, the baby can be carried by the adult in arms for the check-in. Also, there is no need for a boarding pass. You can easily walk into the check-in counter, complete the procedure of check-in of the baby by producing a birth certificate or passport. The baby will be added to the reservation itinerary of the adult. Then you may directly board the flight.

  • Traveling with Infant on a seat

You will have to make full reservations for the seat. Also, you will have to get a boarding pass for the child along with all other verification documents. Without the documents, the child will not be allowed to board. Also, it is mandatory to carry along a CRS or Car seat for the baby.

Who will be considered under the Travelling with Infant rules?

  • Babies above 14 days and under the age of 2 years will be considered infants. The parents have the liberty to choose whether or not to book a seat for the baby. The parents will have to produce valid documents for the identification of the baby before boarding.
  • Any child above the age of 2 and below 12 years will have to follow the minor category. They will be considered are minor and are bound to book a flight. You may ask for discounts or child fare depending on the route and accompanied adult.
  • Further, any infant under 14 days, will have to produce medical documents that the baby is fit to fly, discharge papers of the mother, and identification of both. Only then they will be allowed to board the flight. They are recommended to always travel within lap baby and not to boom seats for the safety of the baby.
  • Again, infants with a weight of 40 pounds are considered appropriate for travel.

Information on CRS and Strollers

  • It is mandatory to have a stroller for each baby while traveling by flight along with CRS. It is recommended for the safety of your child by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And Southwest Airlines accommodates one stroller and one CRS for each infant traveling on a seat for free.
  • Also, all kinds of strollers and car seats are allowed on the flight for in-cabin travel.
  • The CRS or car seat should be attached in the middle or window seat of the flight after boarding. The CRS should be well adjusted that anyone sitting on the window seat should not be troubled.
  • Southwest also offers reusable car seats or strollers for purchase. The dimensions are 42×20.5×12.5 inches at the ticket counter for a $17 one-time payment.
  • Also, some strollers and car seats are banned by the FAA, which are not approved for emergency matters. Such are backless booster seats and devices that tie the child to another person.

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Southwest Infant Fare Cost

Southwest Airlines implement the same fare rules for all travel. Irrespective of domestic or international travel, passengers will have to abide by the policy. These policies are framed keeping in mind the safety of each passenger and the traveling minor. Hence, it is best to be aware of all the available options.

  • Passengers traveling with an infant (Over 14 days and under 2 years) in lap can travel free of cost. They do not require to make any prior bookings. However, they will need to produce boarding documents verification at the check-in counter.
  • If you require to book a seat for a comfortable journey you may do as well. To ensure safe travel, you must carry a Child Restraint System (CRS). You will have to produce all documents and carry a boarding pass. 
  • Further, if any minor is traveling without an accompanied adult, you will have to make an additional payment of $50 along with the ticket fare for one-way. 
  • Also, travel of unaccompanied minors is allowed only for non-stop or direct flights. Flights traveling with stops but without change of flight or flight number will also be permitted to fly unaccompanied minors.

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What do I need for my baby to fly Southwest?

Flying with an infant or kids can be tiring and confusing. Passengers booked with Southwest have always asked, what they need for the travel. The airline understands that traveling with infants can bring in a lot of extra work. It becomes impossible to travel light. And you will have to pack heavy and face the major question what do I need for my baby to fly Southwest? Therefore to make it is, here are some essential requirements to keep in mind-

  • Free baggage allowance for an infant traveling in a seat. A stroller or the basic needs bags will be allowed for free check-in apart from the other baggage. Infants flying in lap will not be allowed this special allowance to check-in a stroller or separate bags. Hence, there is no need to worry while packing.
  • Documents for check-in must always be ready. Even though you are traveling with an in-lap baby or with a seat, you will have to produce all the necessary documents for the baby for check-in. on non-compliance or being unable to produce the documents at the check-in counter, the baby may not be allowed to board the flight. Complete the verification process and acquire the verification documents. Once completed, you may proceed comfortably.
  • Always ask for Family Boarding while checking in. it will help you to sit together as a family. You will be able to avail the seats together. This is applicable not only for infants but also for minors traveling with adults in a seat. It will be comfortable and easy for you to travel.
  • If you are traveling with an infant on a seat, you will have to carry a Child Resistant System to be placed at the seat. It is mandatory to carry a CRS for a child occupying a seat.
  • Also, Southwest Airlines have a range of snacks, but not all are child-friendly. Therefore, you may have to carry baby food or snacks for your child. Flight travel can be exhausting for kids, therefore, any food that is meant for the baby will be allowed.

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What kind of ID does an infant need to fly?

Southwest Airlines only wants what’s best for its passengers. Hence, it always suggests, passengers flying with infants carry all necessary documents required. Regardless of traveling domestic or international, flying with documents is always best. These documents should be issued by the government as identity proof. Some necessary documents that you should always carry along are-

  • Age proof documents such as a birth certificate.
  • Passport (If Possible) (Mandatory for International Travel).
  • Boarding Verification Document available at the check-in counter.

Without the above-mentioned documents, infants or kids will not be allowed to board the flight. All passengers must travel with the above-said documents without and failure.

Customer Service Details

Official Website
Customer Service800-435-9792
Working hours24×7.
Best Time To Call9:15 am.
Response Waiting Time33 minutes on average.
Alternate Contact MethodsPhone, website, social media.

Traveling is a part of the journey. And Southwest Airlines aims to make it easy and memorable for you. If you also have questions related to Southwest Airlines Traveling with Infant then it is best that you reach out to customer service for support. Overall, if you choose Southwest Airlines, you can stay sorry-free.

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