Forget your troubles with Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Ever visited a café just because you heard rave reviews about it? Airlines’ reputation works along the same lines. In aviation industry you never know when a dissatisfied customer becomes a curse dragging your name through the dirt. Airlines survive on maintaining current customers and establishing relationships with new potential customers. How does that work? By having an impeccable rock-solid customer service.  Southwest Airlines Customer Service burns midnight oil trying to perfect their customer assistance system thus promising a smooth flying experience to their customers.

This past year has been hard on all of us, a change of scenery can do miracles so take a deep breath and plan your next trip with Southwest Airlines Customer Service

The airline that has confessed its LUV to its customers, not just with its logo but also through its impeccable customer services. A dream seen by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher, more than 46 years ago manifested itself in the form of Southwest Airlines. They themselves were aware of how exhausting and expensive boarding a plane can be for modest earning class. Therefore, came forth the vision to come up with an airline charging lowest possible fare, is swift and makes sure the passenger has a great travel experience from the moment of booking a trip to deplane. Southwest Airlines is considered one of the largest American airlines along with being largest low-cost carriers. It was founded on 15 March 1967 by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. They operate in more than 3800 flights a day expanding rapidly along with 500 roundtrip markets. During Southwest early history, it began with revenue flights with three Boeing 737-200 aircraft. 

Southwest Airlines take immense pride and pleasure in doing things differently. They wanted to be honest and completely transparent with their customers and ended up inventing a new word for “ Transfarency” which like the word suggests deals with being transparent with the fares

Most popular reasons to contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service?

With the growing population and the need to cater to them the airline is bound to come across hundreds of issues and inquiries a day. Keeping this in mind, Southwest hasdesigned a flexible and easy-to-approach Southwest Airlines Customer Service system. Despite the technology being on an all-time high and new gadget that can substitute for man power, cropping up every second; nobody knows how to navigate through different emotions of customers than a compassionate Customer help. Just a quick call at Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number and get your solution at the comfort of your home. Southwest Airlines Customer Service branches out into several online and offline platforms so that maximum number of customers can have access to assistance time.

Mentioned below are some of the waysSouthwest Airlines Customer Service plays a major role in customer satisfaction;

  • Car Rentals
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation
  • Rapid Rewards Confirmation
  • Security Regulations
  • Airport Check-in
  • Assistance with arrival and departure
  • Assistance with navigation
  • Informing about Baggage policy
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Information about travel restrictions during pandemic
  • Directing the passengers toward the right terminal
  • Taking complaints about lost or damaged baggage
  • Informing about flight delays
  • Rebooking delayed flights
  • Information about cabin class
  • Unaccompanied Minors and children without legal parent or guardian.
  • Guidance regarding Passengers with Special needs.
  • Information about ticketing.
  • Steps to take during Weather Advisory
  • Extensive list of restricted items on a flight.
  • Traveling with children
  • Traveling with pets.
  • You can get help with Online Bookings.
  • Get assistance regarding Online Check-in regulations.
  • Keep yourself updated about exciting offers and deals.
  • Get to know how to use your Rapid Rewards for shopping, hotel bookings etc.
  • Learn about workings of Boarding
  • Get assistance regarding baggage service and lost items.
  • Learn about security regulations modified during COVID-19 times.
  • Inquire about in-flight entertainment.
  • Ask about how is the airline’s sanitation and hygiene schedule.
  • Enquiries relating to Group travel are covered under SouthwestAirlines Customer Service
  • Learn about hotels and Car Rentals.
  • Get accurate regarding on-board support.
  • Question about Travel-insurance

Targeted services provided by Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

Baggage Assistance

Southwest puts the comfort of its customers as its top priority and therefore has a policy named ‘Bags Fly Free’ policy in which first two checked bags come with zero additional charge, on both domestic and international flights. Keeping in mind that they nevertheless follow weight and size guidelines laid down by the airlines and can be checked on the Southwest website as well. In case as per your travel itinerary, previously booked of an international flight, you will only be asked to pay the difference in fare with no separate charges involved. The same policy applies for domestic flights as well. For details contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.

Updates regarding COVID-19

You will be contacted up by Southwest Airlines Customer Service until your flight’s departure via registered phone or e-mail about flight’s delays, cancelations, and information about your boarding gates changed due to COVID-19.  They also update any information on their website, and on various Social Media Platforms. You can depend on the reliable and attentive Southwest Airlines Customer Service assistance.

Social Media Reach out

Apart from calling the airline on Southwest Airlines Customer ServicePhone Number, where you will receive round the clock assistance. The airline is very active on all of its social media platforms. Drop a message on their twitter, Facebook Instagram and get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delays, and missed flights

Any changes in the schedule and information about delayed flights or cancelled flights are provided by Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

Cancellation Guide

We understand why the cancellation of a flight can give you nightmares. There are so may nooks and corners to the process that it just becomes a bothersome chore. However, Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number provides you with the easiest cancellations. There are some rules and regulations you need to know about to prevent from losing you your precious money. To get detailed idea ask for assistance from Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

How to ask for Refund

Before applying for a refund, it is wise to know that not all fares are refundable. Business Select and Anytime fares are refundable. Eligible Refunds are provided according to a passenger’s original form of payment. Refundable, unused tickets can be used for future travel or refunded within 1 year from the date of issue. You can apply for a refund via the official website, via the app or by calling Southwest Airlines Customer Service.

Assistance while airborne

Southwest Airlines Customer Service assistance does not cease to exist once you are on board. The staff strives and work diligently to make your trip a memorable experience. An alternative solution or compensation is provided in encountering of any issue on board.

Arrival and Departure Assistance

Southwest Airlines stay alert round the clock so that they can assist their customers at every pit stop, be it before their booking, during or after they have completed their booking.  They pay priority to customer’s every minute issue from making sure the customers book the right flight, to helping with their check-in, baggage claim, informing them about COVID-19 updates, rules and regulations to helping them with departures. Call on Southwest Airlines Customer Service for more details.

Rapid Rewards Assistance

Rapid Rewards is the frequent flyer program of Southwest Airlines. Earn these miles every time you book a flight after the enrollment process. The miles can also be earned and redeemed for both domestic and international travels. Rapid Rewards broadens the horizon of availing offers and deals. These miles never expire so don’t worry about your unused points going to waste. Southwest Airlines allows the option of donating points to charities. You can donate your points one charity per transaction. For a detailed note on terms and conditions. Contact on Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number.


It makes one happy when he is showered with compliments but it equally essential to know where you lack. on Southwest Airlines Customer Servicewhole heartedly appreciates your feedback and ruminates on it to avoid further inconvenience and improve their services. You can mention your feedback on the website or by calling on Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number.

Senior Citizen Assistance

Southwest welcomes elderly customers with open arms and makes every move to make sure its elderly customers do not face any trouble with the airlines. In case of some dispute or to inform the airlines in advance call on Southwest Airlines Customer ServicePhone Number.

Contact information :
EmailVia official website
Customer service1800 43509792
Wait timeNA
Best time to callMornings
For More Info Southwest Airlines

Ways to connect with Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Southwest Airlines have crafted several ways to get in touch with their customer service. The assistance is provided 24*7 without a halt. The ways to contact the Southwest Airlines Customer Service are mentioned below.

Call The customer comes first for Southwest and are aware how troublesome it can be to call on the helpline number for assistance and either get declined or put-on hold. Therefore, the assistance available in different countries is a comfortable way to get your problems solved without unnecessary waiting. The highly skilled and trained representatives are happy to be any service to their customers.

E-mail If calling feels like a chore you would rather avoid, then e-mail assistance is for you. Just drop a simple mail requesting the details of any issue you might have, and you can be rest assured, the Customer Support team will reach out to you, with the solutions, as soon as possible. However, it is requested to be a little patient with on Southwest Airlines Customer Service as they are looking at hundreds of issues, triggered by COVID-19, and doing their best to reach out to every single customer.

Write to Southwest– Got any query, write your issues at

Southwest Airlines,

 P.O. Box 36647-1 CR,

 Dallas, Texas, 75235

Social Media– Southwest is pretty active on Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can tweet them at @Southwestair or connect with on Facebook Messenger.

Features of Southwest Airlines Customer Service Phone Number

24/7 assistance – The on Southwest Airlines Customer Serviceserves its customers round the clock with no exceptions, on various platforms. Hurry up and get your queries resolved at any time of the day.

“Transfarency“-Southwest coined the term Transfarency to be open about fares. Southwest Airlines Customer Service appreciates and encourages transparency. They believe in 100% transparency and honesty toward their customers. They will never keep you in dark or lead you astray.

Latest updates and information– The airline regularly mentions latest updates on its website and on its app, regarding travel regulations, COVID-19 updates and policies.  There are exclusive offers and deals on flights that can be taken advantage of. The representatives at on Southwest Airlines Customer Service updates its customers with all the offers and deals.