How To Transfer Southwest Points?

How To Transfer Southwest Points?

Do you want to know how you can club your southwest points with your family members or spouse? Different family members having different Southwest rapid rewards accounts where they have their points, now all the points of family members can be clubbed.

Transferring southwest points is however not the best option. It is not at all cheap. You can consider the options below to save money and make easy reservations without transferring points.

Make Southwest Flight Reservation Using Points From Any Account 

If you own a companion pass, or your friend does you can get the benefit for it. Companion pass allows you to bring your friend or family member with you whenever you fly with southwest just by paying taxes and fees. This option works for paid flights as well as award flights.

Better than transferring Southwest points, you can make use of their points to make a reservation. Or if the owner of the point is your companion you can redeem the points using a companion pass.

The passenger gets to decide who they want to designate as their companion. Here’s what you can do to get the companion flight booked. Passengers can also indirectly use their companion award flight for their use.

Instead of transferring Southwest points, you can make southwest flight bookings for your friends and family using southwest points from your account. The points just don’t have to be for your flight bookings, they can also be used for other people’s flight bookings.

You can enter your frequent flyer number on the details page and get your flight booked. The people with companion pass, can log in to their account and add companion.

For people without a companion pass, can still use the booking trick to make use of someone else’s points to book their flight. You can use those points to book southwest airlines flights for friends and family. If your friends or family members have a companion pass they can add their companion to the reservation.

Avoid Paying the Southwest Points Transfer Fee

If you are looking to avoid the transfer fee for Southwest points make sure to collect all the points of family members in one account.

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to book flights for anyone with southwest points and that comes as a benefit to you and your family. You can pool the points of all the members in one account and make southwest airlines reservations from everyone from there.

Making reservations from one account frequently also offers you a lot of great discounts. Customers can also take the advantage of rapid rewards shopping deals and use the points for shopping as well.

Collecting southwest points in one account is the easiest way to fly multiple people nearly free on Southwest Airlines flights. The points never expire which is another great benefit.

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What is the cost to transfer Southwest points? 

Transferring southwest airlines points costs more than you ever thought it would. The cost of transferring southwest points to someone else’s account is $10 for every 1000 points. While it is lesser than buying new southwest points but it is very high just to transfer them to some other account.

The value of one southwest point is 1.5 cents which means it costs $10 to transfer points that are worth $15. The cost is unnecessary and it must be avoided if possible.

How to avoid transferring points?  

If you are willing to avoid the high fee of transferring points, you can do one of these:-

  • Collect enough points in one account to book a one-way fare or round trip fare.
  • Book a ticket for yourself and add one member as a companion.

How To Transfer Southwest Points To Another Person?

  • Log in to the Southwest rapid rewards account of the person whose points you want to transfer to another account. 
  • Select the rapid rewards option under manage, choose the transfer points option. 
  • Select the number of points you want to transfer. A minimum of 2000 points is required. 
  • Then enter the name of the person, rapid rewards account number, and email of the person to who the points are being transferred. 
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Click on confirm.
  • Then click on transfer southwest points.

The transferred points of southwest do not qualify for the southwest companion pass that lets you
fly one person free. But the points can be used to book a free journey.

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How to Earn Southwest Points? 

If you love flying southwest for free using southwest points then you end up not collecting points as you are flying free. Here’s how you can earn points and fly southwest for free.

  • Spend money on everyday purchases using southwest credit cards.
  • Purchase from the rapid rewards shopping portal to earn more money.
  • Regular spending on the Chase Sapphire is preferred.
  • Rapid rewards dining.
  • Earning referral points and credit card points.
How To Get More Southwest Airlines Points?

There are a lot of ways to earn Southwest points. The southwest reward points are amongst the most valuable airline currencies. Rapid rewards are best for getting award flights at a great price. The flight redemption option of southwest airlines is more valuable. Rapid rewards can be earned very easily on travel purchases.

Here are the top ways to earn Southwest points:-

  • Southwest flights
  • Southwest credit cards
  • Transfer ultimate reward points
  • Rapid rewards shopping
  • Elite status bonus
  • Rapid rewards dining
  • Utilities and gas purchases
  • Refer a friend
  • Rocket miles
  • Purchasing southwest points

If you need more help then get in touch with a live rep at southwest airlines.

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