How is Qatar Airways Economy Class?

how good is Qatar airways economy class

Planning for a long trip? Book with Qatar Airways for comfortable travels. Qatar Airways is one of the leading airlines in the world. It has always been popularly known for excellent in-flight services and its business and first-class travels. But, now, let’s see how is Qatar Airways Economy Class?

Economy Class is always regarded as the most basic flight fare and low amenities. But with Qatar, you will experience, all amenities along with a decent flight fare. The airline promises, all available in-flight amenities even in Economy class. Though there are some limitations to it, overall, it will be a pleasant experience. Instead of flying in an uncomfortable flight, it is best to save money and yet feel comfortable. Undoubtedly you will experience some happy, easy and convenient travel.

What is best about Qatar Airways Economy Class?

  • Flyers will enjoy ample legroom even in economy class. You can use the space for your comfortable sitting and even for keeping your item bags.
  • Swift boarding and de-boarding from the aircraft. Though you will be leaving after business and first-class, yet the movement will be fast and you do not have to wait for long to de-board the flight. 
  • A basic amenities kit is available for each passenger. It is handed out to all passengers after boarding. The kit consists of all the basic needs of individuals.
  • The seating arrangements are mostly 3-3-3 and in front rows, it is 3-4-3. Thus, you can choose the seat according to your comfort. 
  • Wi-Fi is available for economy class guests, along with entertainment facilities in flight.
  • Well-maintained and hygienic in-flight experience. Also, avail full assistance from the cabin crew for any help.
  • Pre-book your meals 24 hours ahead of boarding and select meals according to your choice.

What is included in Qatar Economy Class?

If you wish to fly with Qatar Airways and have a low budget, flying Economy Class is the best option. You will be enjoying all the facilities and paying less for it, in comparison to Business or First Class guests. Therefore, you may book an economy class with Qatar Airways without any second thought. However, you always have the option to upgrade if you change your mind.

Qatar Airways has been traveling packed with all its travel classes to most destinations. And to choose to fly through the economy would be a wise choice. Booking Business and First class will get you a cabin experience, but the economy class is quite well too. The main difference is that you will not be seating in a cabin. Apart from that, all the classes avail of similar facilities. Well, to make it easier for you to decide, here are some amenities that are available on Economy Class bookings-

Pre-board Facilities

The qatar reservation process for economy class is similar to that of other classes. You may easily book through the official website or simply call customer service for support. You may add your meals according to your preferences while booking and also add additional baggage.

Further, all passengers may complete their check-in online or offline. Flyers will get the opportunity to choose their desired seat to travel in for the trip for online check-in. also, for offline check-in at the counter, you may ask for preferable seats at the counter. If available, you will surely be provided.

Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways has a unique way to calculate baggage allowance, based on the travel routes. In general, for all economy class travels, it allows its passengers to carry one personal item bag and one carry-on bag. Further, they are also calculated according to the dimensions and weight of the bags.

Personal Item BagOne bag, such as laptop bags, purse,
Carry-onOne bag, 7 kg or 15 lbs of 50x37x25 cm.
Check-in (Classic)2 bags and 50 pounds each for Africa and American destinations.
Total of 55 pounds for all other routes.
Check-in (Convenience)2 bags and 50 pounds each for Africa and American destinations.
Total of 66 pounds for all other routes.
Check-in (Comfort)2 bags and 50 pounds each for Africa and American destinations.
Total of 77 pounds for all other routes.

Note: Weight of all electronic items will be excluded from the personal items bags. These include laptop, camera, or computer cords.

Boarding in Flight

All passengers will be boarding at the end after the completion of the other class. You will also be de-boarding at the end. However, the process is smoothly organized in zones so that no passengers have to wait longer. Only, if you are a Oneworld Sapphire Status holder, you will be allowed to board early.


Seats of the airline are as comfortable as they can get. You will never have a chance to complain about the comfort and well-supported seats of Qatar Airways. Even traveling in an economy can be comforting will be realized with this airline. The seats are reclining and wide with a comfortable headrest. You also get a personal adjustable entertainment screen. You also get a soft blanket for the journey. And the unforgettable legroom. Qatar airways provide the maximum legroom in economy class than other airlines. You can comfortably sit, enjoy, and sleep in the seats.

In-flight service

The cabin crew is always available for help. Passengers may simply seek support from them. They work efficiently to serve meals and drinks along with providing any other support while traveling.

A basic amenity kit is provided to all passengers. This kit consists of toothpaste, a toothbrush, an eye mask, a lip balm, and earplugs. You can take the kit along with you while leaving. This kit is provided as a care kit from Qatar Airways.

On-board Cuisine

One of the reasons, that Qatar Airways is preferred by many is the cuisine options available. A wide range of variety is offered from drinks to desserts. Various kinds of appetizers, meals, soups, salads are available for both vegan and non-vegan menus. A digital menu is provided before the flight on your phone to make any special requests. However, the window to make special arrangements is open only till 24 hours before departure time. Therefore, enjoy a wholesome meal while flying with Qatar Airways.

Further, another question is popularly asked, whether Qatar Airways serve Alcohol? The answer to that would be positive. Qatar Airways serves a variety of alcohol and alcoholic drinks on the menu. These drinks are available for all class travel. Even economy class passengers may ask for alcohol for drinks.


Taking a long flight for several hours can be brutal and tiring. Worry-not the collection of movies, music, television shows, and games will keep you fully entertained. Even in the skies, you will not find yourself to be bored even for a minute. A screen is available for you that is easily accessible and touch screen. You may enjoy, what you want to watch. More than 4000 options are available. These are also available in various languages as well. Nothing can be more comfortable than a reclining seat, some snacks, and refreshing drink, and a movie.

Family Fun

Qatar Airways also promises economy class passengers of family fun. The airline has introduced an onboard activity pack for the kids known as the Oryx Kids Club. They can enjoy games and watch videos, dedicated to them. Each of them will also get a lunch box meal to keep them full and healthy.

Note: passengers should mention it while booking the ticket for convenience.

Wi-Fi facilities

As soon as you board you may connect your devices with Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is available for all economy guests. However, there is a small confusion that arises among the passengers.

Qatar Airways offers two ways for Wi-Fi. It is based on the aircraft model and route you will be traveling on.

  • Standard Wi-Fi- it is available free of cost for the first 30 minutes only after connecting, you may pay extra to gain complete access for the rest of the travel. It cost about $10 for 100 MB for 3 hours or you may pay $20 for the entire flight and get 200 MB. 
  • Super Wi-Fi- this is, however, more convenient for passengers. It provides one hour of free Wi-Fi. And with a payment of $10, you will gain access to the entire travel journey.

Note: while booking through the official site, Qatar Airways offers Super Wi-Fi for the entire journey on specific routes. Check before booking and avail such benefits and enjoy the journey.

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What is the difference between the Economy and the Premium Economy in Qatar?

Qatar has only Economy Class. Many airlines have both Economy and Premium economy, where, the economy is referred to as basic economy. And the premium economy is the upgraded version of it. But you will not find any differentiation in class in economy class in Qatar Airways.

However, widely, Qatar offers only, Economy, Business, and First Class travel options. You may choose either one according to your need. And for economy class, Qatar provides all the in-flight service experience similar to that of business and first-class. Therefore, it cannot be differentiated.

However, in economy class, Qatar Airways you may choose from Classic, Convenience, and Comfort.

Classic Economy is the one where, passengers can book the flight and enjoy all in-flight services, but cannot choose their seats. They also earn the least amount of miles. It is also the cheapest fare.

Convenience Economy is allowed to choose their seats and earns good miles.

Comfort Economy allows you to choose seats, earn most miles and also get better upgrading facilities.

Therefore, though there is no differentiation based on economy and premium economy you may find yourself in the position to choose from classic convenience or comfort.

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Customer Service

Official Website
Contact Number877-777-2827
Working HoursMonday-Friday 8:00 am-9:00 pm EST.
Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am-5:30pm EST.
Best Time to call1:00 pm.
Alternate method of contactPhone and website.

In case you still have question on how is Qatar Airways Economy Class? Then you should refer to customer service to avail help and support.

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