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Covid related information on Delta Airlines Cancellation

Are you worried about your air bookings and how will you make the cancellations? its policies that changed due to the coronavirus, then this is the right place for you. So many travelers had to change their plans due to the outbreak of this virus. The most affected part of our lives since this pandemic has emerged is Travelling. So many people had to cancel their bookings at the eleventh hour because of all this virus situation. Once you’ve made a reservation with Delta Airlines and now want to learn more about their cancellation rules and other details. you’ve come to the right spot.

Many passengers are tensed as they do not have full information about the changes that delta Airlines did in their policy after the spread of the Coronavirus. Here are all the points regarding Delta Airlines Cancellation policy and other information. The policy of delta airlines has made it very easy for all their passengers to make cancellations. The airline made sure to extend the time for rebooking the flights up to two years. As we are aware that many airlines got affected due to this virus. The same is the case with Delta airlines. There were some issues and problems that this airline came across.

If you have any reservations with Delta airlines, you must be very confused about what I should do in this scenario Here are all the answers to your queries.

All about delta airlines cancellation after Covid-

For the tickets that were purchased on 1st March 2020 through March 31, 2021, an individual can make the changes in their bookings without paying any amount or charges up to 1 year. This one year is calculated from the date of purchase.

Apart from this, no customer has to pay the change and award redeposit fees. This rule is for the flights that originate from North America and for the tickets that were bought after 30th April 2021. Also, it is important to keep in mind that all this does not apply to the basic economy fares. 

What happens when you cancel the flight? 

If an individual decided to cancel the flight, the traveler will get the voucher for an amount equivalent to the value of the ticket. The flyer can use this in the future whenever they decide to travel again. The tickets that were supposed to expire in 2021, has now had an extended expiry date of December 31, 2022. Talking about the basic economy tickets that were bought after 30th April 2021, consider these tickets final as one cannot make any changes or get the refund after the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period gets over. If the flyer decides to make the Delta Airlines Cancellation after the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period gets over, then an individual will lose the amount of their ticket. 

How to cancel the reservation made on or before April 30, 2021

Passengers who bought their ticket on or before 30th April 2021 under the Covid travel waivers, an individual is eligible for making the changes along with making the cancellations too. Once they do so, one will receive the E-credit.

Steps to cancel your ticket- 

A huge number of people had to make the Delta Airlines Cancellation of their bookings. There are some steps that one needs to follow to make Delta Airlines Cancellation. Here are the steps that an individual needs to follow-

  • Visit the official site of delta airlines. Or one can write
  • As soon as the official site opens, visit the option of “my trips”.
  • Now click the option of “Modify flight”. After this select the option of “start flight cancellation”.
  • These are the steps that an individual has to follow and the cancellations are done.
  • It is important to know that an individual can cancel their flight before the departure date and are eligible for using the unused amount of ticket while purchasing the new one. The validity of using this amount is one year from the date of purchase.

For the tickets purchased after 30th April 2021-

Talking about the basic economy tickets, no passenger is eligible to make any changes or get refunds when the Risk-Free Cancellation period expires. An individual will not receive any e credit when they do the cancellations for this type of ticket.

Talking about the steps to make the Delta Airlines Cancellation, the steps remain the same for the tickets purchased on or before April 30, 2021, or after 30th April 2021. 


  • What if the cost of my old ticket was more than the New ticket?

If an individual buys a ticket that is cheaper than their old ticket, in that case, the flyer is eligible to get E credit. The E-credit will be equal to the amount of difference between the two tickets. The flyer can redeem this amount anytime in the future when they decide to travel again. 

  • From where can I find the E credit value and redeem it?

One can do it by visiting the official site of delta airlines or just enter

  • What are the ways that I can use to make the cancellations?

To get your Delta Airlines Cancellation done, one can contact the travel representative and take their help to complete the whole process. Another way to make the cancellations is through the official website of delta airlines.

  • What If I do not make the cancellations before the departure time?

If one forgets to cancel their bookings before the departure, then delta airline has the right to cancel the bookings independently. Along with this, the flyer will no more be eligible to make any changes or receive any refunds.

This was all about the Delta airline cancellation. If you didn’t have enough information about the whole process and all other changes made due to the outbreak of covid-19, then one can find all the information here. If you still have any doubts left, go ahead to contact the representatives at delta airline. 

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