Allegiant Airlines Carry on Size

Allegiant airlines Carry on size

We asked, “What is the most confusing policy of airlines?” Most of the passengers answered that baggage policy confuses them the most. Do you feel that too? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We will disclose the baggage policy of Allegiant in small digestible chunks and will also show you to perform the Allegiant Airlines Add Carry On task successfully.

Just sit back while we resolve all your queries one blog at a time. Let’s get started.

How Big of a Carry on is Allowed on Allegiant Airlines?

The good news is you can actually save money if you get your carry bags checked in advance. If you get them checked at the airport you will have to pay more money as the charges are higher. Keep this tip in mind.

The airline allows all its passengers to carry one personal item on the plane for no charge. However, an additional fee is charged for a carry-on and/or a checked suitcase.

The personal item is allowed in the cabin for free. Make sure the personal item such as a briefcase or a small purse fits completely underneath the seat. The maximum dimensions for the personal item are 7 x 15 x 16 inches (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 centimetres)

Carrying a carry-on comes with an additional fee. The carry on should be small enough to fit completely in the overhead bin, in the cabin. The maximum dimensions for the carry-on are 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 centimetres)

The airline allows a maximum of 4 checked bags per flight ticket sold. The checked bags cannot exceed the weight limit of 40 pounds or 18 kilos. The maximum size dimensions of checked baggage are 80 linear inches or 203 centimetres.


Step by step guide to perform Allegiant Airlines Add Carry On task

The airline you to customise your trip as per your liking. You can choose to add bags, get seats, book accommodations and car rental services and many more operations easily on or on the app. Now have a look at the step-by-step process to add carry on bag through allegiant app or website.

  • Open the website, or download the Allegiant App on your smart phone. It works both on iOS and Android smartphones.
  • On the homepage, locate the tab called “Manage Travel”. Once located, click on it.
  • You can access your itinerary using any of the three ways. Pick any option. You can choose to add carry on, make changes and see flight status either by Confirmation Number, Email or by entering the details of your credit/debit card(the card you used to make reservations with).
  • Let’s say chose the first option displayed on the screen, i.e., By Confirmation Number. It will ask you to enter your First Name, Last Name and your flight confirmation number.
  • After entering the details click on “Find My Trip”. Your upcoming trip will be displayed on the screen. Make modifications and save the changes.
  • You can add baggage/carry on, you can even change the flight dates, change the travel class, or purchase your seats in advance. If you have the app, you can even check the entire trip on your smartphone.

How much does Allegiant charge for a carry on?

As we have mentioned before, the maximum size dimensions of the carry-on are 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 centimetres). Allegiant Airlines charges a fee for carry on size. The fee can range between 10 USD to a maximum of 75 USD.

The fee for checked baggage is different. Allegiant charges 18USD to 50USD for the checked baggage. The maximum dimensions of the checked baggage are 80 linear inches. Linear inches consist of the size of handles and wheels.

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Can I add a carry on after check in at Allegiant Air?

The airline allows you to verify your baggage reservations by confirming or adding baggage when you check-in online. You can pay the fees required for bringing carry on and/or checked baggage before you arrive at the airport.

You can visit the website, or download the app and reserve your bag reservations or perform Allegiant Airlines Add Carry On Size, during your online check in.

For more information, you can talk to live person at allegiant airlines.

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