Allegiant Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy – A Complete Guide!

Do you want to cancel your flight or don’t know what to do if your flight got canceled? Don’t worry, we got you covered. If you booked your flight with Allegiant Airlines, you can easily make online cancellation without any hurdle and request your refund. Sometimes, Airlines need to cancel the flight due to extraordinary circumstances. In such cases, the flight offers to claim compensation under Allegiant Airlines Cancellation and refund policy.

Allegiant Airlines is a low-cost airline. You can get convenient inflight and onboard services by traveling with airlines. Whereas the airline also focuses on providing reliable and committed customer support. So if you have any queries related to cancellation or your refund status, you can reach out to customer support by calling on Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Phone Number. From here, you check the important information related to the cancellation and refund, so that you can easily cancel your flight reservations. 

Easy Ways to Make Allegiant Airlines Cancellation!

Allegiant airlines provide convenient ways to cancel or manage your flight. So, if you want to cancel your flight reservations for any reason, then you can either cancel your flight online through the official website/mobile app or offline through phone-based customer support. Apart from cancellation, you can also resolve your concerns regarding cancellation & refund. 

Hence, here are the methods and simple instructions that you can follow to cancel your without a hitch. 

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Via Official Website

Follow the given below instruction step by step and cancel your Allegiant flight reservations:

  • First, you need to visit Allegiant Airlines’ official website.
  • Look for the ‘Manage Travel’ option on the homepage. Click on it to proceed.
  • Now in the portal, you need to enter your login through different ways. You can either enter confirmation or email or debit or credit card along with First and Last name.
  • If you are log in by email, then enter your mail and password.
  • If you are logging in by credit/debit card, enter your first and last name, your card number through which you have made the payment, and departure date.
  • Login and then find your reservation. 
  • In your reservation, look for the cancel/change option. Now, click on it to proceed.
  • If you need to pay any cancellation fee, pay it and then send the request to claim a refund. 
  • After that, complete the procedure, and then you will get a confirmation mail regarding your cancellation.

Cancel A Flight Via Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Phone Number

Apart from the online cancellation process, you can cancel your flight in the best and approachable way that is through calling support. In a case, you are not able to cancel your flight online or want to cancel your flight urgently, then you can contact customer support and cancel your flight. You just need to dial the Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Phone Number and request for cancellation. Here is the procedure, that you need to follow for canceling your flight:

  • Give a call on the Airline cancellation phone number that is (702) 505-8888, for the cancellation. 
  • By calling the center, request to make your flight bookings cancellation.
  • Now, provide your Booking number, first and last name for confirmation.
  • The experts will proceed with your cancellation procedure.
  • Once it is done, you will get a confirmation. Within 7-12 days of working, you will receive your refund.
Cancellation number(702) 505-8888
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Reasons Why Call on Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Phone Number!

There are countless issues that can be faced by the customers while making a cancellation, re-booking, and claiming a refund. To help, the customers with their concerns, Airline provides dedicated and 24/7 available. You can reach out to them and conveniently resolve your concerns without a hitch. Hence, calling support is the best and approachable way to resolve your queries. So, if you need any help call on Allegiant Airlines Cancellation number now. Hence, here are some of the common issues that are faced by the travelers and for which they call on the Cancellation number:

Ques. Can I cancel and claim a refund, if I have booked a ticket without Trip Flex?

Ans. Yes, you can cancel your flight reservations without a hitch. But to claim a refund, you need to understand the cancellation policy.

As Allegiant is an ultra-low-cost carrier, so it is hard to claim a full refund if you traveling without Trip flex. 

Cancellation or changes after 24 hours of booking a flight are non-refundable. You will not get a refund of travel, hotels, rental car, baggage, seat fees, and other booking fees and taxes if you are traveling without Trip flex.

Ques. Can I cancel only one flight on my Allegiant round trip?

Ans. Yes, you can conveniently cancel your one flight reservations on my round trip. Here is the procedure you can follow to do so:

  • Visit the official website and then select ‘Manage Travel’ on the homepage.
  • Now, locate your current reservation by entering your name and confirmation number.
  • On the Trip Summary page, click your “Cancel only this Flight” if you have to cancel your flight.
  • Select if you want to cancel your return flight. Then proceed to complete your procedure.

In case of any issues, you can reach out to customer support and get them resolved. If you have booked your flight through a different travel agent, then you need to contact them.  

Ques. How can I cancel my hotel and rental car reservations without canceling the whole trip?

Ans. If you want to cancel your hotel & rental car reservations, then you need to cancel the whole vacation package of Allegiant Airlines. You can visit the official website and select your reservation, then cancel your whole vacation package. There may be some applicable fare rules that can be applied for canceling the package.

To avoid any inconvenience, you can also go through the terms and conditions of the airlines. However, you can also contact customer support through Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Number to seek help from the experts.

Ques. How can I cancel a ticket for only one member?

 Ans. If you want to remove a person from your itinerary, you can conveniently do it online through the official website. Hence, follow the given below steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Now, choose ‘Manage Travel’ from the homepage.
  • Then, find your reservation by entering your name and confirmation number.
  • Now, scroll down below to see a list of travelers.
  • In that, you see an add or remove option, click on the “Remove Traveler” option underneath the traveler name to remove them.
  • Remove the travelers you want to remove and then complete the process.

Need Help With Refund? Call on Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Phone Number!

By dialing the customer support number, you can easily get help in claiming and checking the status of your refund. Hence, to avoid any inconvenience and confusion at the time of claiming, let’s have a look at important details of the refund policy:

Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy

According to this policy, you can handily cancel your flight reservation and entitle yourself to a full refund only if you cancel within 24 hours of booking your flight which departure time is at least one week (168 hours) away. 

If you are canceling your Non-trip flex flight after 24 hours of bookings, then you are not eligible to claim as the tickets are non-refundable.

If you are canceling your trip flex flight, then you can freely cancel your flight even after 24 hours of booking. In this type of ticket, you may need to pay additional charges, if you are canceling the flight at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure.

How to Get a Refund? Know here!

To request a refund, you can either call on the Allegiant airlines cancellation number or you can visit the official website. Hence to cancel your flight online follow the below steps:

  • Click on ‘Manage Travel’ on the homepage.
  • Find your reservation by entering your name and confirmation number.
  • Now in your Trip Summary, click your ‘request a refund’ option.
  • Request the refund and check your status as well.

Renewed Allegiant Airways Cancellation Policy Due ToCovid – 19

In the Covid crisis, many airlines have changes their change/cancellation policy. If you are traveling with Allegiant, then you can make a one-time change and cancel your flight without paying any additional cost. But passengers may be charged or credited for fare differences in case of changing flight schedule.

For a period of time, passengers can cancel their reservation and receive full credit but in the form of an Allegiant voucher. You can use this voucher for your future travel, which is valid for two years from the date of the primary reservation.

For additional help and support, you can contact customer support at 702-505-8888 without a hitch.