Entire supervision regarding Air China Cancellation

Air China commits itself to boost the growth of the country’s airline industry and offering satisfactory travel experiences to passengers. Air China willingness to accommodate all reasonable facilities to travelers to maintain the belief of passengers in Air China. Air China is a major Airline of People’s Republic of china which provides the best services productively and hence won’t give the possibility to passengers for the complaint. Passengers who have booked reservations with Air China would be glad to know that the airline has introduced the Air China cancellation policy and refund. And for the passengers who have booked a flight ticket with Air China and are planning to cancel their reservations, here they will be granted the complete details regarding the Air China cancellation policy and its refund process.

Air China has made traveling more convenient with the introduction of its Air China Cancellation Policy. From booking tickets to rebooking reservations, refund and canceling them, Air China cancellation policy (24*7 active) has made its services more soothing for flyers.

The Air China Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel your flight reservation, especially in case when there is a sudden switch in your travel plans. Further, this policy allows you to make changes to your booking as well.

Scroll down to discover everything regarding Air China cancellation policy, charges, refund, and a lot more.

Footsteps Toward Air China Cancellation Policy

Air China Cancellation is one of the simplest cancellations you can perform. There are some rules and regulations you need to know about preventing from losing your expensive.

There are two natures of fares: Refundable and Non-refundable. You must know these points carefully before you schedule your next trip with Air China. The Air China cancellation policy varies from route to route. Passengers are not required to pay any cancellation fee if they are canceling 24 hr before a flight is scheduled.

Discussed below are the online and offline ways to make Air China Cancellation.

Air China cancellation through the website

  • The necessary step is to visit the official website of Air China(www.airchina.com).
  • Go to the section of “Booking Management”. Under this segment, you will see “Check My Booking”.
  • Now, you will be required to fill in the six-digit airline confirmation number. You can also provide your e-ticket number and then fill in your name.
  • Once you have filled in all the above-mentioned information correctly, you have to click “Retrieve”.
  • The next step is to select the booking you want to cancel and then hit “Cancel this booking”.
  • You will see a set of guidelines for the Air China cancellation refund procedure before you confirm the cancellation of flight reservation.
  • The final step is to hit Cancel and the process will get completed.
  • You receive an email confirmation of reservation cancellation.

Contact Air China via Air China Phone Number

Air China cancellation policy has provided more flexibility to the flyers. By following simple methods, you can also cancel your flight tickets offline by just contacting on Air china cancellation phone number. All you need to follow some steps for cancellation of your ticket through the Air China cancellation phone number:

  • Dial +86-10-59281588 (Air China cancellation Phone number).
  • As soon as possible, you will contact with customer executive.
  • As they receive your call, ask for the cancellation process.
  • Air China may ask for necessary details apart from ticket confirmation numbers like Name, Date of Birth to confirm.
  • Once they get a pledge from your given information they process your cancellation request.
  • Once the cancellation has been done you will get an e-mail confirmation.
  • Now, Refund will be credited back to your account in 7-10 business days.
Official Websitewww.airchina.com
Cancellation number+1-800-882-8122
For More Info Visit:Air china

Dial Air China Phone Number for any doubts

The team available at the Air China helpline number will clear all your insecurities & give you peace of mind for taking Air China services.Air China Cancellation Number has a whole-hearted conversation about cancellations, refunds, rebooking. Our customer executive is very much kind to support you. We have some conversation starters for you listed down below:

  1. How to make a cancellation?
  2. Any changes required to rebooking the ticket?
  3. How to get a ticket refund?
  4. When will I get my refund?
  5. How long it will take to receive money?
  6. Was payment done in Cash, how can I get the refund back after making online cancellation?
  7. What is the rebooking process?

Get your refund back by dialing the Air China Phone Number

Once the traveller fills the certain provisions of the Air China cancellation policyfor claiming a refund, the traveller is asked to fill up a refund request form to claim a refund for the cancelled reservations.If Airlines cancels the flight in case of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. In these situations, the airlines will give you compensation. Follow the points for a refund of Cancelled flight:

  1. Please enter your online refund PNR/Surname to recover your itinerary and cancel your ticket.
  2. The above information can be found on your travel program. To help us to locate your itinerary, please ensure that the information you enter is valid.
  3. If we cannot locate your itinerary, you may be redirected to a web form that can be used to re-submit your cancellation request.
  4. If you need to cancel an infant ticket, please enter the PNR number and surname. You will then be redirected to a web form that can be used to submit your cancellation request.
  5. Currently, it is only possible to request a refund online on the ticket purchased on any of Air China’s international sites. For a refund on a ticket purchased through our Call Center or any of our ticketing offices, please contact on the Air China cancellation phone number.
  6. Currently, the cancellation/refund progress check only supports cancellation/refund information within 30 days after successful submission. Please contact Customer Assistance for cancellation/refund information.

The Air China Cancellation Refund can be claimed on refundable as well as non-refundable tickets under certain circumstances. On the purchase of non-refundable flight tickets, the refund will be provided within 24 hours of cancellation of flight reservation.

You will get a complete refund on the purchase of refundable flight tickets. The cancellation of a reservation for refundable flight tickets can be made till the last minute. In that case, you will be charged USD 50 which will be deducted from the refund and the remaining value will be credited back to your account.

Under the Air China Cancellation Policy, the time to process the refund is usually between 7 to 10 business days. You will receive the refund via the mode of payment through which you had paid earlier.

Hence, this was the whole information about the cancellation and refund policy of Air China that one needs to know.

Changes in the policies of Air China Airlines due to Novel coronavirus.

To implement the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and continue with the joint prevention and control of the novel coronavirus, Air China has made the following adjustments to the free refund rules to help passengers better plan their trips:

All tickets with a ticket number beginning with “999” purchased before 0:00 AM on January 28, 2020, for Air China-operated flights or CA-coded codeshare flights that have a travel date later than January 1, 2020 (inclusive).

The tickets are valid for one year from the date of issuance. Any applicable tickets as defined above can be refunded free of charge within the validity period of one year as long as the refund is requested before the departure of the flight. We kindly ask the passengers to apply for refunds outside of peak periods.

Passengers can apply for refunds through the original channels where they purchased the tickets. Tickets purchased through the Air China website, app or WeChat applet can be directly refunded in the original order.

Air China will keep a close watch on the epidemic updates and make timely adjustments to the flights. To make better use of the transport capacity during the Spring Festival, we kindly ask the passengers to apply for refunds before the departure of the flight.

If you have decided to cancel your trip, please cancel your check-in seat as soon as possible through the original check-in channels to avoid wasting the resources and to ensure the seat availability to other passengers who still need to travel.

The rules are effective immediately and supersede the previous Notes on Free Refund for Air China Flight Tickets.

The passengers’ safety has always been Air China’s top priority and we will respond quickly to the requirements of the authorities and provide services and support to the passengers.

Air China uses safe, functional, and airworthy cleaning products and disinfectants approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to undertake “preventative disinfection,” wiping and disinfecting the areas and components frequently used by passengers.