Fly with Best Airlines in America, yours truly Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada Airlines were founded on 10th April 1937 as Trans-Canada Airlines. This is a flag carrier is considered the largest airline in Canada crediting to its fleet size and the passengers it carries. Air Canada Airlines have an impressive list of subsidiaries as well. The airlines are the founding member of the largest alliance, named Star Alliance. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL) are its largest major hubs.

Air Canada Airlines have come a long way from being declared almost bankrupt to reconstructing themselves to this huge status. Air Canada was named “Best Airlines in North America “ by Skytrax.
The philanthropic side of Air Canada shines through their Air Canada Foundation which focuses on providing financial support to improving children’s health and general well-being, by connecting them to advanced and quick medical care and tools to alleviate poverty.

Hub airport: Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)Fleet size:166  
Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.No of destinations covered :222  
Official Website:www.aircanadacomCustomer Service:1888 247 2262

Popular Routescovered by Air Canada Airlines

Vancouver     Toronto
Toronto  San Francisco
New Delhi Toronto
Dubai Toronto
VancouverNew Delhi

Helpful Travel Resources provided by Air Canada

Baggage Assistance

Regardless of your location, you are free to bring one standard article and one personal article. Therefore, The dimensions for the personal articles should not exceed 33*16*43cm and that of the standard article is 55*23*40cm. These maximum dimensions also include wheels and handles. There is however no weight limit that applies to the carry-on baggage, it is advised to keep them light to secure the comfort of passengers. For restricted and prohibited items, please go through the list, available on their website or call 1888 667 432

Reservation Assistance for smooth functioning

Air Canada Airlines operates on world-class technology when it comes to making reservations, in terms of their online and offline reservation platforms.  The reservation process is simple and hassle-free. The official website of Air Canada provides multiple icons on their screen which when clicked, direct you to the Air Canada Airlines and further, to the Customer Support who guides you to the best of their abilities, thus resolving your queries(if any). Therefore, The website is updated regularly to keep people in the know about exclusive offers and deals. A pop up square-shaped sticker on the right of the screen is also designed to save time consumption and bring ease into the reservation process. For Reservations contact 1800 247 2262

For Group Reservations contact 1800 361 7585

Special Services and Disability Assistance for Customers

Air Canada Airlines have conveniently mentioned all details regarding Special assistance on their website under Customer Service Plan. The customers can easily ask for any certain accommodations, at the airport, Ticketing Offices or calling at assistance, that you might require during your travel. By asking in advance, it allows the airlines to plan ahead and eliminate any discomfort. You can also read about in the Air Canada Medical Approval Section, available on-Air Canada Airlines website and get yourself acclimate to the services and information about tariffs. For detailed information contact 1800 667432. Contact details for Hearing and Speech impaired (TDD/TYY) – 1800 3618071

Aeroplan Program Assistance

Aeroplan comes with flight rewards, Air Canada Vacation packages, upgrades, hotel stays, Car Rentals, activities and travel experience, gift cards and more. So, Earn these miles every time you book a flight with a member of Star Alliance. The miles can also be earned and redeemed for both domestic and international travel. Aeroplan broadens the horizon of availing offers and deals. These points expire if there is no activity for 18 months. For a detailed note on terms and conditions. Contact 1800 361 5373 for assistance

Refund and Cancellations Policy

The refund and cancellations are very easy processes when carried out properly. In case you have already travelled, then fill the Ticket Refund Application form, very conveniently located on the website of Air Canada Airlines and get access to all the details.

In case you have not travelled yet, and you have booked at, then click on Cancel your Booking Online. Your refund process will start immediately.

If you have booked with Air Canada Agent, it is advised to contact Support directly.

If the booking is done by a travelling agent or any other website, then you should them first and resolve your issue.

You can call Air Canada Airlines and apply for a refund. You can also make a written request to any Air Canada ticketing facility. The COVID-19 outbreak and government-issued travel guidance have caused many airlines to ground their fleet thus resulting in a lot of delays, diversions and cancellations. So, The team at Air Canada immediately informs the customer via e-mail, and SMS; upon request with the Air Canada Airlines ticketing facility given at the time of the flight booking.

They use another mode of communication such as providing information in the boarding gate area of flight, on flight display boards and in status updates on their official website. Therefore, Lately taking pandemic into the picture it can take 10 to 12 weeks for refund agents for refunds to claim to proceed.  Please read the policy carefully before applying for a refund or call and ask about certain rules and regulations. Contact Air Canada Airlines Ticket Offices or call on 1888 247 2262

Arrival and Departure Assistance now easier than ever

Air Canada Airlines stay alert round the clock so that they can assist their customers at every pit stop, be it before their booking, during or after they have completed their booking.  Customer Service Plan pays priority to customer’s every minute issue from making sure the customers book the right flight, to helping with their check-in, baggage claim, information about COVID-19 updates, rules and regulations to helping them with departures. Call on 1888 247 2262 for more details.

Services provided at the Airport

Air Canada Airlines stays diligent and attentive with all the services they provide at the airports. Then, there is something comforting about the presence of a human on the other side that makes a person feel heard and understood. Despite the technology being on an all-time high and new gadgets that can substitute for manpower, cropping up every second; nobody knows how to navigate through different emotions of customers than a compassionate Customer help at the airport. 

  • Airport Check-in
  • Car Rentals
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation
  • Rebooking delayed flights
  • Information about cabin class
  • Documents required and COVID-10 tests information
  • Unaccompanied Minors and children without legal parent or guardian.
  • Assistance with arrival and departure
  • Security Regulations
  • Assistance with navigation
  • Informing about Baggage policy
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Information about travel restrictions during pandemic
  • Directing the passengers toward the right terminal
  • Taking complaints about lost or damaged baggage
  • Informing about flight delays
  • Rebooking delayed flights
  • Information about cabin class
  • Documents required and COVID-10 tests information
  • Policy of minor travelers with/without legal parent or guardian.

Safety Precautions to keep in mind amid COVID-19

The pandemic hit the aviation industry like a punch in the gut. Air Canada Airlines also had to ground most of its fleet. With COVID-19 engulfing the entire planet it is important, now more than ever to follow the guidelines to ensure your safety and fellow travellers alike. Some points to keep in mind while travelling is.

  • Following basic precautions such as wearing a mask at all times, maintaining social distances and using sanitiser.
  • Keeping an alert on your device on the countries with travel restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. This also includes potential quarantines upon arrival in the destination country with their particular rules.
  • The notification from the airlines should always be on during travelling as Air Canada Airlines notifies its passengers with government restrictions, flight cancellations or potential quarantines and other guidelines.
  • U.S Department of Defence conducted a study and concluded that risk of COVID-19 exposure on board is almost zero because of Air Canada’s air filtrations system and diligent cleaning protocols.

Services offered by Air Canada Airlines Ticket Offices

Where the online service does not work or the Mobile App glitches, Air Canada Airlines Ticket Offices came to play an indispensable role. Hence, They make sure the airlines work at their optimum level without worrying about the back-end vital jobs. Mentioned below are services provided by the Air Canada ticket Offices.

  • Alliance Partner Ticketing information is available at the ticketing office.
  • The ticket offices make it easier to make reservation, single passenger or group reservations of flights at their facility.
  • If you have any allergies or dietary conditions, you can inform Air Canada Ticket Office before boarding.
  • In case any customer who use wheelchair needs to inform the airlines, they can make them know via Air Canada Ticket Office
  • Any information about Aeroplan rewards can also be made available to you at the facility.
  • If you are curious to know about Refund Policy, get in touch with Air Canada Airlines Ticket Office.
  • Information about Car Rentals is also available at Air Canada Ticket Office.
  • International Travel Assistance enquiries are also entertained at the Office.
  • Information about seating and Cabin is also easily acquired at Air Canada Ticket Office

24-hour Accessible Help desk at your service

Air Canada Airlines serves all its customers round the clock with no exceptions. Consequently, The customer’s needs come above everything. So, Get your queries resolved at any time of the day at the Help desk. Air Canada takes care of passengers who don’t speak English and also avails assistance in your preferred language for better understanding and more comfort. Hence, It doesn’t entertain any thought that might them appear mischievous.

Have a doubt? Contact Air Canada Airlines now!

As per the Customer Service Plan, the airline has crafted several ways to get in touch with its customer service. So, The assistance is provided 24*7 without a halt. Then, the ways to contact Air Canada Airlines are:

Call – The highly skilled and trained representatives are happy to be any service to their customers. Call at the comfort of your home and get your issues resolved.

E-mail- If calling feels like a chore you would rather avoid, then e-mail assistance is for you. Just drop a simple mail requesting the details of any issue you might have, and you can be rest assured, the Customer Support team will reach out to you, with the solutions, as soon as possible. However, it is requested to be a little patient with Air Canada Airlines as they are looking at hundreds of issues, triggered by COVID-19, and doing their best to reach out to every single customer.

Chat- The homepage of the official website offers a Chatbox where you can ask for assistance and receive it, in real-time. Therefore, The website also has an icon name Customer Support at the top right of the homepage. By clicking on it you will have a plethora of information available regarding different things, such as Covid-19 updates, important links and FAQ’s, Travel Help, Baggage Help, Mileage Help to name a few.

Customer Ratings said it!

Staff service                                               ***

Seat comfort                                              ****

Value for money                                       ****

Inflight entertainment                                ***

Cabin staff service                                     ****

Ground service                                           ****

Regional Information for Air Canada Airlines

USA and Canada

Country                               Phone Number Working Hours
Canada  1888 247 226224/7

Central America and South America

Country                     Phone Number Working Hours
Argentina00 80066992222 Mon-Fri, 9:00 am -1:00 pm
Brazil 00 80066992222Mon-Fri, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
Ecuador1514 369 0113Mon-Fri, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
2:00 pm- 6:00 pm


Country           Phone Number Working Hours
South Africa  1514 393 333324/7

Middle East

Country         Phone NumberWorking Hours
Israel  00 80066992222Sun-Thu, 8:30 am -5: pm
Kuwait  1 514 393 333324/7
Qatar1 514 393 3333
UAE971 42112537


Phone NumberWorking Hours
Belgium  00 800 669 92222
Germany00 800 669 92222Mon -Fri 9:00 am- 5:30 pm
Closed on Uniform National Holidays                                                                                      
Greece 00 800 1612 2040038
Italy  00 800 1612 2040038Mon- Fri, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm
2:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Email addressVia
Customer service1888 247 2262
Wait timeNA
Calling Hours24/7 (US and Canada)
Best time to CallMorning
Alternative MethodsInstagram, Facebook